Tips For Planting A Tree


Successfully planting a tree can be more difficult than many people assume. This is why you should look at tips for planting a tree before you start. If you do not plant the tree correctly its health could be affected and you may have other problems as the tree grows.

Match The Tree To The Location

Most people have a set location for their tree, but they do not realize that the location might not be right for all tree species. There are certain tree species which need more sunlight than others and some trees need more space for their roots. It is important that you consider the limitations of the location before you buy your tree. Additionally, you should choose a tree from a reputable nursery that will be able to correctly advise you on what conditions the tree needs.

The Planting Hole Depth

When you dig the planting hole, you need to ensure that you have made it deep enough. The hole should be able to hold the full depth of the root system of the tree you are going to plant. However, it should not be too deep as this could cause problems.

You also need to ensure that the hole is wide as this will give the tree more space to establish itself. Many experts state that you should put more effort into the width of the planting hole than the depth. You will need to start digging the hole only after you have purchased your tree to ensure that the root ball will fit.

You Do Not Have To Use Compost Into The Backfill

Many people feel that incorporating compost into the backfill will help their tree as it provides extra nutrients. However, this is not something that you have to do and it might be more beneficial to allow the tree to start in the soil that it is going to grow in. What you do have to take care of with the backfill is ensuring that the roots are protected from drying winds as this can cause major damage to the root system.

Only Use A Stake When Necessary

A lot of people use a stake when they plant trees to give the sapling more support. This should only be done is absolutely necessary as the use of a stake can be harmful. The tree will become used to the support offered by the stake and will not support itself. If you are using a stake it needs to be removed after 12 to 19 months to ensure that the tree can support itself.

When using a stake, it is important to note that the tree may grow around the stake. If this happens, you will need to remove the parts of the stake that you can reach. Thanks to Fort Worth Tree Service, many unhealthy trees brought back to good health!

There are many tips that you need to consider when planting a tree. It is important that you have a planting hole of the right size, but you do not have to use compost in the backfill. You should also be careful with using a stake and only do this if necessary.

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